Duets with or without Piano

Title Composer(s) Scoring
DuettinoHans van Eck2 violins
Canto 7Norbert Wissingviolin and piano
Sonate Hans van Eck violoncello and piano
Sonate Norbert Wissing violoncello and piano
Little Poem Hans van Eck flute and piano
Study Hans van Eck bassclarinet and piano
Sonate Musica 2 Norbert Wissing bassoon and piano
Quartuor SermonesHans van Eck2 Flutes
Musica per Soprano
e Percussione
Norbert Wissingsoprano and percussion
"For the Goodbye"Hans van Ecksaxophone (soprano, alto),
Musica per oboe d'amore e arpa Norbert Wissingoboe d'amore, harp
Musica no. 7Norbert Wissingviolin and soprano